Shielding Her Violence-Prone Husband

Marty Rathbun's wife has been stepping in to shield her violence-prone husband lately.

That's the conclusion of observers who, recently, have seen a bolder and more determined "Mosey" at her husband's side.

Or, possibly, a wearying Rathbun is fronting his wife as a deflector to questions he is trying to dodge, or, unable to handle.

One prevalent theory has Mosey concerned that her husband is going to literally burst a gasket with rage, given the out-of-control manner in which he has been dealing with routine reporter queries.

As one videographer who has been on the scene when Rathbun blew up says:  "Marty is really losing it quickly when he's asked the simplest of questions. The veins in his temple start throbbing and his agitation is obvious - and intense."

A source traces the none-too-subtle change to a recent encounter in Phoenix, where a reporter's query to Rathbun was met by an outburst of physical violence.

After losing control, the source says Rathbun stopped for a minute in a distinct pause as if he was reflecting that he could not, physically, stop his own actions any longer.

That's when Mosey stepped in to deflect any more questions aimed at her husband who, silently and sheepishly, slipped inside the airline terminal.

The dynamic marks a distinct change in the couple - as if Rathbun is looking for his younger wife to protect him - strange behavior for the 6-foot, 220-pound cult leader who has always relied on his physical presence to intimidate critics and lash out with force at subordinates.

But, now, the question also must be answered: How long will Mosey be able - or even willing - to soldier on after her husband's imaginary enemies?

We'll be watching.

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